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The guiding principle of ABACO is timely realization of all the orders and meeting all the strict EU regulations concerning transport companies. The main certificates and licences held by the company:

· Certificates and licences

o National operator’s licence for road transport

o International operator’s licence for road transport

· Insurance

o Haulier’s third party insurance with the robbery clause

o Business enterprise’s third party insurance with the spedition insurance for sub-contractors and insurance of the transported goods

· Vehicles

o Parking only on secured parking lots and in a monitored base

o 24 h/day satellite monitoring of the vehicles (GPS)

o No overloading, no surpassing the load weight limits

· Personnel

o Forklift operator licence: all types

o Valid Occupational Health and Safety, psychological and medical examinations

o Vehicular transport of goods training

o Work in accordance with the AETR

· Storehouse/base – weekend parking with the transported machines entrusted for transport

o non-stop security

o Parking plot monitored 24h/day

o Heating of stored machines (mostly electrical ones) when temperatire is below °C.